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Get whitelisted

On this website, Bank Connect offers a whitelist of ERP suppliers who integrate with the solution.

As an ERP supplier, you can be included on Bank Connect's whitelist by filling in and signing a declaration of intent between you and Bank Connect once your test run for your solution is completed. Read more about the link-up process in the Developer package. If, being an ERP supplier, you wish to have new versions of your system whitelisted, they must also be tested in the test environment made available by Bank Connect. If the test is completed with the expected outcome, you can request to have Bank Connect's whitelist updated with the new version number and date of the update.

Declaration of intent
The declaration of intent is a document stating the parties' understanding of the link-up to the Bank Connect solution and the compliance with format, test and versioning requirements.

The objective of the declaration of intent is to establish clarity in respect of the requirements and rights associated with the link-up to Bank Connect.

No further written agreements are concluded between the individual ERP supplier and Bank Connect. The cooperation will solely be based on the declaration of intent.

Download declaration of intent

Please submit the declaration of intent to:

Bank Connect
Erritsø Bygade 102
DK-7000  Fredericia

Format template on your own website
Bank Connect recommends that the individual ERP suppliers fill in a format template and publish it on their websites to ensure maximum transparency as regards the use of the XML ISO 20022 format.