Operating status

Current operating status of the Bank Connect solution:

BankConnect is up and running.

Current information on operations and service windows:

Update okt. 9th 2019
Bankdata is currently having trouble processing payments.
Bankdata receives all deliveries, but deliveries larger(over 800kb) and deliveries containing payments to NemKonto are received and will be processed later.
We will not send any Pain.002 receipts on received deliveries, they will be done later.
The duplicate control will ensure that your deliveries are not processed multiple times.
CAMT.054 extracts for delivery during the day are also not formed

Update Sept. 12th 2019
We believe now to have found the problem. We are initiating a change tonight which should solve the problem. New update on sept. 13th 2019

Sept.11th 2019
We are currently experiencing issues with certificates on Bankdata. We have experienced that new certificates can cause problems and suppose that also renewal of already excisting cetificates can cause errors too. We are investigating the problem. An update on the problem will be made no later than Thursday the 12th of september at noon

Monday 26th of Aug 2019 from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm.
Some customers got a timeout.

Thursday 27th of June 2019
The servers was not running and the costumers got a timeout.

Wednesday, May 8th. 2019.
Bankdata has stated that there are problems with the automatic user authentication of submitted payments. However, customers can manually authenticate for payments in the bank.

Friday, February 1st. 2019.
Bankdata is currently having problems, which can cause challenges for customers at this data center. We will provide update as soon as the system is back up and running.

Tuesday , Januar 8th 2019
Some customers got the message: "Could not create SSL / TLS secure channel". This was due to an unannounced upgrade of TLSv1.0 to TLSv1.2. The problem occured from 8.20 AM to 9.30 AM.

Thursday, September 20th. 2018,
TLSv1.2 was downgraded to TLSv1.0 and the solution was functioning for all costumers Again. The upgrade to TLSv1.2 is now announced for launch on Monday, February 11th. After this date it is no longer possible to use TLSv1.0 and v1.1 against Bank Connect.

Wednesday, September 19th. 2018
Some customers got this message: "Could not create SSL / TLS secure channel". This was due to an unannounced upgrade of TLSv1.0 to TLSv1.2.