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Operations and support

Information about operations, service windows and any disruptions of operations will appear on the website. 

The Bank Connect solution will be available all days of the week - year round, yet except for service windows that have been duly notified and planned in advance.

If there is a need for service windows in addition to already planned maintenance windows, this will be announced on the website when the need has been identified and at least with 48 hours' notice.

Planned service windows and announcements
For the second last weekend of each month, service windows have been planned for the night between Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 03.00 to 05.00.
The Bank Connect solution will only be closed during planned service windows or in the event that further windows have been announced beforehand. In both cases, information will be announced on the website.

BEC service window:
     Mon-Fri – 03:00-05:00 AM
     Sat-Sun – 04:00-06:00 AM

ERP suppliers can contact Bank Connect's Service Desk if there is a need for support in connection with the solution.
Inquiries and questions will be processed within 3 banking days and processed in the order they were received.

Initially, each supplier will have 50 hours of free support. If there is any need for further services in addition to the 50 hours, these will be charged at the rate in force at any time. Bank Connect's Service Desk will give information of this rate. The ERP supplier is under the obligation to test his solutions at start-up and in connection with any later updates.

Bank Connect offers:

  • The test environment of the developer package to ERP suppliers' individual tests of their own development.
  • Bank Connect end-to-end test environment with security
  • Simple tests in a production environment between customer and bank.

ERP suppliers and enterprises with their own ERP solutions are considered equal parties in this respect.