Link up

Enterprises with financial systems
Enterprises using financial systems developed externally should contact their financial system provider.
Enterprises with financial systems developed in-house can read more under the heading "For ERP providers".

For ERP suppliers
ERP suppliers can, in Bank Connect's developer package, receive more information about programming in relation to Bank Connect. The developer package contains all material information for development and the link-up to Bank Connect, including tools, documentation, etc. and this information is free.

Order access to the developer package

ERP suppliers can get technical support via Bank Connect's Service Desk. We offer you 50 hours of free support to help you get started with your development. Subsequently you can receive support against a charge.

Become whitelisted
As an ERP supplier, you can be included on the website's whitelist of ERP suppliers who have linked up to Bank Connect.  All you have to do is to submit a filled-in declaration of intent.

Declaration of intent
The Declaration of intent is an agreement between Bank Connect and an ERP supplier about the guidelines for the use of the solution.  

Format template
It is recommended that ERP suppliers who have linked up to Bank Connect publish a format template on their websites to ensure transparency about the use of the XML ISO 20022 format.  

Link up process
See the typical start up course for ERP-providers.