Tastetur med FAQ-spørgsmål

FAQ for ERP suppliers

How do I get started?
ERP suppliers can in Bank Connect's developer package, receive more information about programming in relation to Bank Connect. The developer package contains all relevant information and tools for your own developing and testing your interface to the solution. It is packaged in a single zip-file, which can be downloaded for free on this web site.
Order access to the developer package

You can find information on schedules and milestones in the article "Connection as an ERP provider".

When can I get support?
At any point you can get in touch with our service desk for help to get started up or moving on in the process. See more at contact details.

How do I receive the most recent news about Bank Connect? 
Subscribe to our newsletter and you will on an on-going basis receive emails with links to the most recent news.

Which financial institutions are connected to Bank Connect?
More than 60 Danish financial institutions will be connected to Bank Connect.
See the list of financial institutions connected to Bank Connect.

Where do I find the latest version of Bank Connect?
Bank Connect is implemented as a secured web service, the latest version is 2019/04/04.
Further information is available on the following addresses for our Production and System Testing environments: