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About the solution

Bank Connect offers a new, common standard for the exchange of payment details and account entries directly between a business' financial system and its financial institution.

As a supplier of financial systems, you can therefore offer your clients the following:

  • a faster way to pay bills: automatic payment from their financial systems
  • the possibility of STP (Straight Through Processing) between their financial system and the systems of the financial institution.
  • The possibility of changing financial institution without losing the integration between the financial system and the financial institution, as the interface between the systems will be the same with Bank Connect.

One integration solution, 60 banks
By integrating your solution to Bank Connect, you offer your clients the option to choose between 60 financial institutions supported by Bank Connect. Therefore your clients will not depend on one particular bank to get the full benefit from your financial system.

Easier integration with a common interface
Bank Connect is based on the payment format XML ISO 20022, and offers a common interface (API), security solution and communications protocol. It will be easier for you as an ERP supplier to integrate your solution with the financial institution's systems - no matter which financial institution.

Broad cooperation behind the solution
Behind Bank Connect are the three data processing centres BEC, SDC and Bankdata in cooperation with the Danish Regional Bankers Association (RBF) og the Association of Local Banks, Savings Banks and Cooperative Banks in Denmark.

Rights and responsibilities
All rights to the Bank Connect solution belong to the data processing centres that are behind Bank Connect.

The data processing centres make the Bank Connect solution available to ERP providers free of charge and without responsibility of any costs, expenses or losses that the ERP providers may incur or sustain in connection with the use of the Bank Connect solution.

More about the solution
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