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Differences in the interpretation between the datacenters.

Differences in the interpretation of ISO20022 and the Bank Connect solution between the datacenters.

The purpose, of this site, is to describe the known differences in the interpretation of the ISO20022 standard used in the datacenters as well as the Bank Connect solution.

We strive to make handling and interpretation as uniform as possible, but the inevitable differences between implementations, is shown in this document.

The differences are grouped according to which part of the solution they are affecting

The solution in general

Difference Datacenter Description
Association of certificates BEC Certificates are associated to the user at BEC, while the other centers associate the certificate with the costumer.


Difference Datacenter Description
Differences between the location of the OCR reference (CAMT.054) SDC In notifications of inpayment forms, SDC places the payment slip code together with the creditor number in Reference.

According to the format description, the payment slip code and payment ID must be placed in Reference, while the creditor number must be placed in CreditorAccount.
Different transactions types in CAMT (CAMT.054 in time) ALL The centrals does not offer the same specification of the bank transaction codes in the CAMT’s.
The centrally chosen bank transaction codes are placed in:
BkTxCd, Domn, Fmly, SubFmlyCd.
AccountServiceReference is not populated SDC The tag in CAMT.052/CAMT.053/CAMT.054 is not populated.
BEC and Bankdata populate the tag.
The tag is not required.
Social security number (CPR-number) instead of account number in Nemkonto payments BEC BEC returns the CPR-number in the CAMT instead of the corresponding account number.
Amount charge BEC BEC post the total amount, whereas Bankdata and SDC
post the single payments and only shows the total amount charged.


Difference Datacenter Description
Differences in sending PAIN.002 if payment is rejected SDC If a user in a SDC bank rejects a payment, a PAIN.002 with the rejected payment is not created.
BEC and Bankdata creates a PAIN.002 with rejected payments included.
Payments on non-banking days are rejected BEC If a user sends a payment, on a non-banking day, the
payment is rejected at BEC.

Bankdata and SDC changes the executions date to the next banking day.
Different return codes in PAIN.002 ALL

Error messages in PAIN.002 is not the same across the datacenters.
Some uses the ISO codes in the format, while other uses NARR (narrative)  to describe the error.
BD:  Is sending both English and Danish error messages
BEC: A mix of English and Danish. NARR is written as narrative.
SDC: A mix of English and Danish + an error code.        

Required BIC address BEC The BIC address is required for foreign payments in BEC.
BIC address for foreign payments is no longer required at SDC and Bankdata.
Transaction text for receiver SDC

SDC uses the first line in … <RmtInf> <Ustrd> as transaction text, while the other centrals uses

* * *     
* * *


Foreign payments BEC and SDC When a foreign payment is sent as a Pain.001 

The tag 2.24 ++ChargeBearer <ChrgBr> or 2.51 +++ChargeBearer <ChrgBr> has to be filled out.

If one of the tags not filled out the payment will be rejected

Foreign payments
SDC SDC do not support ? in foreign payments.
All other charters in the swift character set i supported.