What is a cookie?
A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your computer. It will typically be used to ensure the technical function of a website, but it can also be used to gather statistical data about the user's activities.

What is the cookie law?
The cookie law intends to protect users against unlawful gathering of their use of websites. All Danish websites are under the obligation to inform users about the cookies that are placed on their equipment. The information must comply with the Danish Executive Order on Cookies, which forms part of an EU directive on the protection of the right to privacy when using electronic communication.

Our use of cookies on
On we use cookies to gather 100% anonymous information about the user's activity. This cookie is deleted from your browser when you end your visit to our website.We use the information gathered to improve our website so our visitors can in the fastest and easiest way find the information they need from us. If you log on or trade with us, we also use cookies to ensure the technical execution of the services mentioned.
Google analytics
We also use Google Analytics cookies to measure your use of These measurements are used for statistics of the use of the website and also to find inefficient features on the website so we can improve your experience of
The cookie contains a randomly generated ID that is used to recognise your browser when you read a website using Google Analytics. The cookie does not contain any personal data and will only be used for web analysis.
How to deactivate cookies in Google Analytics:

How do I delete Cookies?
In all regular browsers you can opt not to accept cookies.  Please note that this may have the consequence that websites no longer work correctly. Read more about the options available in connection with your browser

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